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Is there any help included?2021-10-11T19:32:31+00:00

Most definitely! Upon sign-up, our system creates an audit outlining any issues with your website and marketing analytics. Plus, our team is available for regular discussions to ensure you have all the answers you need.

Are there any discounts included?2021-10-11T19:44:16+00:00

In addition to the discount to veterans, we provide discounts to Military Spouse owned businesses and Non-Profits that provide support to veteran groups.

Is there a contract?2021-10-11T19:44:31+00:00

Insights Engine is a monthly subscription based platform. We simply ask for a 30 day notification when cancelling (like you’ll ever want to?!)

Can users customize the platform?2021-10-11T19:49:58+00:00

In addition to adding your company logo, there are filters specific to your traffic sources where you can select specific sources which creates very targeted data tables.

Can users import data?2021-10-11T19:46:44+00:00

Currently, we accept csv inputs for revenue and bulk uploads of user data related to multiple websites or locations.

Can users download data?2021-10-11T19:50:23+00:00

After trial period is over, you can download half a dozen tables. Print, copy, CSV, PDF, and XLS download between 6 & 18 months of data.